,,It was a pleasure for ODIVI to travel to Cannes with Elizaveta!”

Elizaveta Maximová – A graduate of DAMU, who performed the lead role in the miniseries, produced by CT, Spravedlnost and Trpaslík, and also in the series Polda, produced by TV Prima. Besides these, she is a part of Zahradnictví II Dezerter which airs in September. She is currently working on two new projects, plays in four theatres – simply a young inspiring woman.

 She played the main character in a student film called Atlantis, 2003; which was received at the Cannes Film Festival in the competition section Cinéfondation, one of the most important competitions of short film in the world.

What is the Atlantis, 2003 film about?

The story of Atlantis, 2003 is inspired by true events. It takes place in 2003 Ukraine (4 years before the entry of Slovakia into the Schengen Area, at a time when the border with Ukraine thrived with white slavery and drug trafficking). It tells a story about a young Ukraine couple – Denisij and Martin, who decide to illegally cross the border between Ukraine and Slovakia for a vision to a better future “in the West”.


How did the filming go?

The filming was very challenging and hard for all of the staff members, but we held together as a team and supported each other a lot. We were filming in Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland and in the Czech Republic. We were getting up at dawn, going through the woods completely soaked and freezing, furthermore we were wading through the swamps (surrounded by leeches and water beetles). In the evening, I usually felt totally exhausted, but happy, because it was an incredible adventure – and moreover with the best bunch of people ever!

I can Cannes-Cannes-Cannes! 

What was your best experience in Cannes?

The premiere screening of our Atlantis, 2003, which took the whole day, definitely! We were very nervous and very excited at same time. Right in the morning, we (the whole team) went for a breakfast together (Prosecco and croissants), and then we were eagerly sitting in the hall (white fits because of the pressure J). What got me probably the most was grave silence after the film’s ending, it seemed that some viewers were really struck by the ending. We experienced all the range of emotions that jumped from 0 to 100 and vice versa that day.


So, how did your “ordinary” day in Cannes go?

After breakfast (croissant and black coffee to go – or to run, probably) and walking to the Palais des Festival I spent every morning at the screenings (I saw 13 films out of 16 from our Cinéfondation section and then I got a time to see this very depressing movie directed by 26 years old Kantemir Balagov, Tesnota). We attended meetings, screenings and receptions in various parts of the Village International until the evening. I especially enjoyed one workshop ran by Romanian director Cristiana Mungiu (Zkouška dospělosti: 4 měsíce, 3 týdny a 2 dny) mainly because of his spirit, his passion for film and his work, and also for his great sense of humour. I was excited with the program variety during the festival, there was something interesting going on every hour. But even if you cut down the time on sleep and food you wouldn’t be able to catch everything (I even had an internal struggle with the super strict FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).


How did you enjoy your evenings?

There was a strict dress code, that applied to all of the evening screenings and even to some parties (That was the point where I realized that you can never be overdressed in Cannes). Usually after the screenings or our dinners, we went to the beach for a walk or to get Czech beer to the Slovak/Czech Center in the International Village, even though we were still wearing the long evening gowns/suits. The greatest party for me was the closing party Cinéfondation on the Majestic beach – full of incredibly talented young people, so many great stories and new (on-site discussed) projects… Wow!


ODIVI x Cannes

I’ve been watching ODIVI’s work for many years now, so this collaboration was very inspiring for me. You have taught me how to wear and style over-sized pieces, how to feel feminine and at the same time boyish and playful in all of them – that is exactly what I love the most!


I am a huge fan and supporter of the whole ODIVI team. I thank you, Iva, for the inspiration, enormous energy and creativity!


P.S. Atlantis 2003, is available to seen at KVIFF as a part of the “Future Frames: Ten new filmmakers to follow” on Tuesday 4.7. from 3:30 pm in the Small Hall or on Saturday from 7:30 pm in Lázně III. /http://www.kviff.com/en/programme/film/4822662-atlantis-2003//