Iva (our founder & creative director) "I am in love with fashion and all forms of creativity that go along with it. It’s a way to express myself. But if you were to ask me to choose between a new coat or an opportunity to dip my feet into the ocean, I would always choose the latter. I love nature and the wilderness. I love extreme experiences and pushing my limits through exploring. And all I need in order to do that is a pair of old leggings, some comfy shoes, a versatile dress, my oversize Explorer hoodie, and a simple backpack.

That’s why it is so important to share this with you. LESS CLOTHES - MORE LIFE - MORE EXPERIENCES. Which is precisely why we are introducing EXPERIENCES to our e-shop. Now you can join us on our travels! We’ll be skiing and snowboarding in the French Alps, climbing Via Ferratas in Italy, doing yoga on empty beaches in Portugal, and exploring our favourite architecture in Mexico. And there’s more to come! Join our ODIVI family and be part of our world. YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME! "