At ODIVI we believe that the final form of our clothes is obtained through their wearer. We love the stories that can be woven into them by that specific person. Therefore, we want to show you on a regular basis how our clothes are living, what are they experiencing, where are they traveling, whom are they meeting but most importantly – by whom are they worn.

 ODIVI ESSENTIALS black hipbag,

Adéla Mazánková is a great enjoyment for our whole team and her wardrobe is well acquainted with ODIVI. That’s why she ended up as our first choice. The Aesthet blog is where you can find her – instead of colourful extravagance she catches your interest with informal simpleness and creativity. Therefore, she dares to experiment with materials and designs plus her minimalism will never cease to entertain you.


ODIVI body white dress

1. When did Adela & ODIVI clothes first meet?
I’ve known about the brand forever, I think. I remember totally digging the campaign with picnic in the sun and with a VW minivan on top. That is quite some time ago, isn’t it?
I’ve started lusting certain pieces by the time Odivi had it’s fashion show on MBPFW in 2013 and I’ve met Iva for the first time shortly after. Since then, I can’t stop myself from wanting more, the collections are better and better!

2. You’ve lived in LA and Prague and you travel often. Which place has affected your personal style the most?
I think it’s a mixture of all the places I’ve visited. So far, Copenhagen was the closest to my style, I felt like I belong there despite their wonderful uniformity. I hate kitschy things. I love good materials, earthy colors and timeless shapes. And you get all of that on Copenhagen’s every corner and together with the architecture, it has a really great impact.

However, as I said, I think every larger city has affected me in some way. Whether that was Bangkok, Shanghai, Paris or LA. I love shopping in foreign places, it has so much more vibe to it!

        ODIVI visible pants  / ODIVI SS15 SUN SEEKS THE SEA top


3. What’s craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I went on a date with Anthony. And I jumped off a plane.

ODIVI mesh bodycon dress

4. What annoys you about girls?
How girls jump to conclusions and always keep strategising. How we keep thinking about what has been, what will be and what would have happened, if… instead of living the moment. I think boys handle this carpe diem situation far better and in many ways, I’m much more sympathetic with this perspective in life.

5. Your current battle?
The question of what’s next. I am terrible at making definitive choices, but sometimes they’re inevitable, and I also hate insecurity of some sort, but sometimes it’s really better to leave things happen the way they are supposed to. My current priority is to finish school, start one great collaboration you’ll hopefully start hearing about soon and finally start with my LA life, because after this year of going back and forth, I think I’ve finally decided it’s the place I want to be. For now. So so far, I am mostly battling with how fast everything is going.

 ODIVI SS15 spice top  /  ODIVI mesh bodycon dress

6. Your favourite world? 


7. The most favourite ODIVI piece?

The white, long, sheer pants that areso great and practically impractical. I got them as a gift, because nobody else except Kamila and me could wear them. I would wear them all the time! They are the perfect combination of playfulness and elegance at the same time.


                                                                  – Thank you Adel for being with us! –