Yes, that’s it! We would like to thank everyone who came to our Sample sales, because it was amazing. And YOU have made this day so extraordinary!

sample sales top3

On Wednesday, we turned our studio into a small shopping mall. And believe us that it wasn’t so easy! But it’s definitely worth it! We are very glad you have bought so much and left a lot of hangers empty. Your wardrobe will love you, don’t forget it!

Actually, it’s hard to describe how cool it was to those who was not there, but look at the pics, they will tell you more!

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And what else? Even if you did not spare a lot on Wednesday, there is still plenty of poor dresses and shirts and coats and they need their mommy! Don’t leave them alone! We just want ODIVI to make everyone happy! So if you think about buying something, do not hesitate to contact us. It is possible to arrange a meeting in the studio! You can contact our dear colleague Karolína (+420 608 447 813) in the period from 11/5 to 20/5. You can go with her to the studio and look at our sample sales stuff! All of the things on hangers are on sale!!! So go for it! You’ll come, you’ll look, we’ll chat, you can try something on… well, you know 🙂


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Text by Veronika Kučerová
Photo by Klára Dudáková