Temporary versus timeless.

Seeking the balance in extreme contrasts.

Lust for superpowers.



The A/W 2015 Tempotty kings collection shows the extreme contrasts of our life, throughout which we all are sometimes a king or a superhero. The transiency of a moment, the instability of roles, which we accept during our life are our key ideas!

As a main symbol of our collection is a crown – full of power. But on the other side, it is made as a form of transience – temporary tattoo. On the one side the main symbol of our collection is a crown – full of power.

This tattoo is a great form of accessory, which you can style and wear for every occasion. You can be opened to your own fantasy and find the best place on your body for it! You don´t have to be afraid, because this tattoo really is temporary! Odívky (the Odivi models) wore the crown even on their foreheads! And it looked amazing.

The more creative you are, the bigger queen you become!

Photo by Aneta Benediktová & Iva Burkertová