We think that 100% sustainable clothing doesn't exist. That is why we try to avoid using the word “sustainable'' and we rather replace it with a list of better approaches. However, we believe everyone can make the world a better place with only a few little steps. We also love to inspire other people to be more responsible towards our beautiful planet Earth.

▶ We have some pieces available for rental. Please make an appointment in our studio to check our current stock. Or go to SOBJE instagram where we have updated highlight called "RENTAL"

▶ Looking for a wedding dress? Find out more about our little sister SOBJE and book your appointment.

▶ We are introducing EXPERIENCES to our e-shop. Now you can join us on our travels! We’ll be skiing and snowboarding in the French Alps, climbing Via Ferratas in Italy, doing yoga on empty beaches in Portugal, and exploring our favourite architecture in Mexico. And there’s more to come! Join our ODIVI family and be part of our world.