At ODIVI, we believe that it is important to be interested in the “stories behind” what we consume (not just in fashion) . And we are VERY thankful that you follow us on this journey!

We think that 100% sustainable clothing doesn't exist. That is why we try to avoid using the word “SUSTAINABLE'' & we rather replace it with a list of better approaches. However, we believe everyone can make the world a better place with only a few little steps. We also love to inspire other people to be more responsible towards our beautiful planet Earth. That's why we have created a list of alternative approaches that we use to create our clothes. These values can be applied in any part of our lives, not just fashion!

We divided our work into three parts according to the buyerarchy of needs.

▶ 0 +

We think nothing is 100% sustainable except for nakedness. We decided to support our idea with the 0+ collection - fifteen naked models graced the catwalk of the Prague Fashion Week in 2019. 0+ symbolizes a complex circularity, infinity & purity. We believe memories & experiences are the most valuable things, that is why we always prefer more experiences (above) & less clothing!

▶ 0

After nakedness, for us, the next most sustainable approach is to reuse resources that were already created! We love NAKEDNESS, but would you wear it outdoors? According to us and to the BUYERARCHY OF NEED, using existing, pre-owned, second-hand, vintage, deadstock, and upcycled items is one of the better ways to consume fashion.

▶ 1 - #noseasonbutreason

And after all, if we create something brand new, we always make sure it was made with the best intention. Odivi apparel is sewed & designed locally, we also try to use local, certified, bio, recycled or recyclable materials. We have a long-term relationship with our dressmakers & we are also regularly visiting factories - thanks to this, we can control working conditions under which our clothing is being created.


✔ Designed with love in the Czech Republic ﹡By the odivi family with the very best intentions.

✔ Seasonless #noseasonbutreason ﹡We think that seasonality and trends are not sustainable in fashion anymore and shouldn't be the reason to buy new clothes.

✔ Sewn in the Czech Republic ﹡ We have a long-term relationship with our dressmakers & we are also regularly visiting the factories - We can control the working conditions under which our clothing is being created. Another advantage is that the ODIVI clothes don't have to travel the world to get to you!

✔ Fabric made in the Czech Republic ﹡ We are in close contact with our fabric suppliers, thus, we can control our working conditions. Locally made fabrics don't have to travel the world to get to us. We think it is important to support the local economy by these little steps.

✔ Upcycled items ﹡ After nakedness, we find that the next most sustainable approach is to work with what’s already here. Odivi upcycled items are made from carefully selected second-hand pieces with stories behind. Throughout upcycling, we give them a new life & unique style.

✔ Recycled fabric ﹡These fabrics are made from existing garments that were destined to be disposed - for instance plastic bottles or old newspapers. It's much more sustainable & energy saving to use old textiles, than creating new ones.

✔ Deadstock fabric ﹡There is a million tonnes of waste produced by the fashion industry each year. Using deadstock material means to bring unnecessary waste back to life! Deadstock material refers to scraps of fabric or pieces which haven't been sold.

✔ Unisex ﹡We don't care about your sex - our clothing will suit you either ways

✔ Pre-ordered ﹡We want to avoid creating unnecessary pieces of clothing as well as extra waste. That's why we have implemented the PRE-ORDERING system. In practice the system works like this: We start to work on an item only after we receive your order & it will be ready in less than one month!

✔ Less clothes, more experience ﹡We will never encourage you to buy new clothing without a reason. For us, experiences are more valuable than any clothing! That's why we offer Experiences on our e-shop as well. Let's be adventurous together.

✔ Vegan ﹡This item does not contain any animal product & is cruelty free.

✔ Certified fabric ﹡There are plenty of certificates! Some of our items have GOTS & EARTH POSITIVE certificates. To read more about these certificates, click on the link.

✔ Variable ﹡You can wear this piece in various stylings as well as for many different occasions! We love contrasts, that's why we need clothing suitable for mountain climbing and dancing at parties at the same time. Through these items we want to support the idea of a more minimalistic consumption.

✔ Recycled & recyclable packaging ﹡Our packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable after its depletion. We do not use other unnecessary wrapping. We believe in simplicity, you don't need more plastic bags and bubble foils.

✔ Waste free pattern ﹡During production, a lot of waste is generated as there are many fabric snippets & offcuts. We invented special waste free pattern cuts in geometric shapes to try to avoid these unnecessary remnants.