Last week we made our way across the ocean with suit cases packed full with stuff from our collections. Why? Because we got an invitation from amazing girls Silvia and Nicol! Months ago they founded Sistercity studio and started to work on their own pop up store in Chicago. The purpose of this project is to help and support Czech and Slovak designers to enter a new market. Girls are working hard and they have created an amazing place, where can we and other Czechoslovak designers sell our stuff, isn’t it amazing? The official opening was held on June 16 and included a fashion show. We think we can say it was a success! Actually, it is not surprising, Czechoslovak fashion is simply good!

Pop-up store will be open until July 16. Unfortunately we had to fly back home, so we cannot be there. But if any of you is or will be in Chicago, you just need to stop by!!! We would like to say it was an amazing experience! We are grateful for this opportunity and we wish to Sistercity studio all the best!

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Text by Veronika Kučerová