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new tile

ODIVI is here for more than 10 years now. We’ve done countless collections and showcasing at 10 fashion weeks. But the last year I’ve been reflecting. The world around us is changing and the current system is not participating in this change. We’ve been searching for the answer, how the future of fashion should look like and how a responsible fashion brand for future generations should behave.

Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale – The Emperor’s New Clothes, was for me a metaphor, how people consume fashion today. It’s a figure of speech for today’s society. The collective blindness reminded us of the current mood we have, seeing how the fashion business works. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Is it really necessary to produce 2 or more collections a year?

This year we used the fashion week as a platform to start a conversation and awareness about the future of fashion. It wasn’t just nudeness, but also the acoustic supervision of NobodyListen, who combined abstracts of the fairy tale and chunks of reports from the fashion industry. The shaded contact lenses were a reference to the collective blindness and the informations we handed out before the fashion show and on social media, were explaining our message and what the collection 0+ is all about.

We introduced an apocalyptic vision, what could happen if we don’t change our present fashion business soon enough. The collection 0+ is kind of a kick-off, to start a conversation about unsustainability of fashion seasons, overconsumption and a missing self reflection.

I’m with ODIVi more than 10 years now and the collection 0+ is a symbolic restart. Year 0, after which we try to produce fashion that is maximum sustainable. Zero symbolizes also the circular economy with what we want to work in the future. It’s also a new beginning, where we take a breath for new hope, so we won’t take our last breath on mother earth.

About the collection

The collection 0+ is an idea how a 100% sustainable collection could look like. In terms of the complex sustainability issue, we think a 100% sustainable collection is a collection, that does not exist.

The name 0+ (Zero positive) has many definitions. 0 because we refuse the diction of seasons by the fashion industry. We will not label our collections because of a particular season. We think that seasonality and trends are not sustainable in our world anymore and shouldn't be the reason for buying clothes. Zero positive because we want to be part of circular economy and get closer to the zero waste movement.