ODIVI x NobodyListen Release

Passion. Music. Fashion. ODIVI. NobodyListen. This is behind the STORY001. You don´t know what is going on here? Just keep reading.

It all started cooperating at fashion shows. Jakub NobodyListen Strach has been doing our catwalk music for some time.

But when you put together a few chatty, crazy people full of ideas, there must definitely arise something. We started listening to Jakub and Jakub became interested in our creation. We were inspired by each other and began to work on the men’s collection.

And finally, here it is! Wednesday, March 16, we are introducing STORY001.

Everybody is welcomed!

You will learn how to listen to fashion and how to watch music. Far from the truth. Throughout the eardrum. Each piece in conjunction with the music becomes a couple.

Event will be held at the Ex Post, Příčná 1, and is on the official accompanying program of Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week F/W16.