collaboration explores cultural contrasts, perception of different worlds and prejudice related to them. Following on the previous collections, ODIVI calls for breaking down personal borders to avoid falling into the routine of everyday. Through the collection it aims at exploring diverse cultures, making them clash in order to find the common meaning of beauty and balance in seemingly contrasting cultural aesthetics. The collection introduces a range of expressive pieces with the signature softness of ODIVI designs disrupted by diverse cultural elements. It brings on ODIVI’s signature oversize fit yet works with untapped materials such as light shirt fabric, breathable linen and futuristic-looking holographic accessories that break the simplistic nature and enhance the manifestation of diversity. “She can stand out like a flower in the desert in spring, which usually never happens.. but she can be that impossible; always powerful, beautiful and just different…
The collaboration between ODIVI and HAIFA started 3 years ago and since that time, Haifa has been bringing ODIVI designs to Saudi Arabia where they are becoming increasingly popular. As a main challenge of this collaboration ODIVI sees the fact of working on a long distance. “Basically, the designing process was done through WhatsApp and Skype session. We were non-stop in contact. However, the most surprising and satisfying moment was to see the collection in Saudi Arabia. When we were shooting it in the desert, it just felt like it became alive. It was complete”.
The collection was designed and produced in a very short timeframe in order to be launched before Ramadam, which turned into a great challenge.
And who is Haifa? This young woman, who is very interested in Odivi, studies fashion at the Milan Fashion Institute. But why is she interested in Odivi? And how did she find us?
Dear Haifa, where did you hear about us for the first time? And why did you decide to work with Odivi?
,,I’ve been very interested in fashion since my childhood and to know more about new designers and fashion trends Therefore, my ultimate joy is when spending hours surfing the internet to check the latest designers news.

I once was on the internet checking the new trends in clothes when the Odivi page appeared; in particular Odivi’s SS14. I really loved the monochrome and minimalist styles which had a M
onet effect, in that it might look simple at first glance, but there’s a world to examine upon closer inspection, from clever cuts to lovely constructions.
I also fell in love along with the gorgeous designs, the styling of the clothes which made it simple yet sophisticated and translated the modern and classy women. Therefore, I contacted Odivi and decided to collaborate with them.
Where do all the pieces end and who are the customers?
All the pieces are sold in Saudi but also delivered sometimes to the GCC (The Cooperaton Council for the Arab States of the Gulf) market. My customers mainly are from Riyadh.
Do the pieces look different in a foreign culture? Does it’s essence change?
GCC women search for unrevealing skin clothes more than short dresses, therefore my selection goes to longer clothes more than shorter ones, also the weather plays an important role in the selection. Saudi and GCC women are very stylish and interested in Fashion.
ODIVI X HAIFA capsule collection is for sale at ODIVI showroom at SmetanaQ design gallery.
Photo by Aneta Benedict