We know it’s been awhile since MBPFW. Recover took longer time and we also went to gather strength to the mountains! But even though we’d love to share how we experienced fashion week this time!

Enjoy with us the day of our show step by step!


8:00 arriving at the scene, checking the catwalk and watching choreography rehearsal

10:00 we are kinda hungry and actually none of us slept yesterday, we definitely deserve a good breakfast… so let´s get stuffed!

11:00 we are going for a walk cause weather is so beautiful, tunning details for the evening and taking pics of ourselves so we can give you a sneak peak on our FB page!

14:00 the whole gang is arriving, we are busy trying to put all of the dresses somewhere at the small backstage area… it is sooo tiny so you are not able to pass smoeone without touching each other… well when someone touches your butt at least you get to know each other much faster!

15:00 we are varnishing toenails of our models at the last minute and trying to ignore the fact that 20 people at the same time in that small space took off their shoes

16:00 girls have the makeup done, they should be well dressed but we are sewing until the last what can be anything we’re not good enough !!!

17:00 Push comes to shove! The show is beginning in one hour, nothing is done, we cannot get to models because there are about thousand other people

18:00 Here we go! The girls are ranking, we are shivering, we’re excited and scared at the same time … will it be succes or flop???

18:10 Jeez! Our model is absolutely killing it, she is walking like a diva while snapchatting right on the catwalk! Hell yeah!!!

18:15 And here comes a „highlander“… perfectly fits into our Ventures collection since it looks like a week ago he has returned from the Himalayas, love him!

18:20 We can hear the applause, Iva can jump on the catwalk, everybody probably really liked it tho!


It’s crazy that something you’re working on for several months lasts like 20 minutes and suddenly it is done! But it’s an amazing feeling! We are like throwing up, laughing and crying at the same time, but all of this is really awesome! Thank you guys for support!

Special thanks to photographers Ciarán Heurteau & Jakub Frey whose photos we used for our prints and Julbo Eyewear for Julbo Vermont IceGlasses.



Credit: Photos by Aneta Benediktová