ODIVI – it’s not just clothes! It means a style, an attitude, it means a music… and last but not least Odivi means sunglasses!!! Yes exactly. Glasses are an important part of ODIVI AW16 VENTURES collection and we wannna tell you about them! Because we are totally in love with them!

Since the entire collection is inspired by explorers, mountains, mountain climbing and extreme weather, our models were equipped with mountaineering glasses made by the JULBO brand. It was inevitable. And actually… it was pretty cool, don’t you think?

The JULBO brand is great and has been in business since the 19th century! That’s awesome! Their glasses are a stylish and practical accessories for all outdoor activities! We chose the Vermont model, they look great and are practical as well. To celebrate JULBO’s 125th anniversary they have reissued the legendary Vermont, which is a traditional mountaineering model with round lenses and side shields. And it is great they have rubber temples you can shape!

Although our models swore to them when they had tangled hair… but we think that is not a problem of athletes!

So thank you so much JULBO once again!





Credit: Photos by MBPFW & Aneta Benediktová