It’s been a while since we introduced you a new line of cosmetics in collaboration with amazing Nobilis Tilia. Now we would like to get closer and introduce you each single product. Why?Because we want you to know what you are buying!



This rose and mimosa wash oil is ment to harmonize physical and sensual experience. It tempers and hydrates dry and mature complexion and nurses skin of the whole body. It is a profound mixture of natural etheric oils and it will soak your skin with sensuous catchy aroma. Moreover it is supposed to relive stress and tension! So if you wanna feel stressless and self confident, then this one is the right one for you!



This rose flower wonder is a hydrating and harmonizing tonic for complexion. Do you have dry, sensitive and delicate skin? Well, that is the perfect product for you! Because it soothes, chills and possesses antibacterial effects on skin. Regenerates mature skin efficiently, restores freshness and vitality. So if you need a refresh, then this is it!



This amazing hyaluron serum will help you with fighting against your age! It possesses extraordinary moisturing and regenerative effects, improves elasticity of complexion, smoothes and rejuvenates skin. You can only use few drops a day and that is enough! That means you can have younger skin with minimum amount of serum!



Here is the last little miracle – jasmine and jojoba oil. This etheric oil gained from jasmine relives tension, fear, anxiety and distress. The scent of jasmine raise spirit evolves creativity and supports sensuality. Do you feel sad and melancholic time to time? If so, this oil is one of the best for you to feel better!


Photo: Aneta Benediktova