Last month we introduced you our new collection called TELEPORT. It is the same every half a year… we worked hard and we hardly slept but we hope the outcome has been seen! Now we wanna tell you about guys who went through it with us and without whom it would have never worked out. So… we are introducing our five „topmodels“!

All of you probably know that the collection was created in collaboration with our dear NobodyListen. But this time he is not the only musician who has given us a hand! This time were other great musicians right on the catwalk.

Logic was the one, who took care of our Snapchat. He is an awesome rapper and no stranger to our music scene. Another friend – Nik Tendo – also walked for us. Boys are friends, rappers and not only that. They are promoters of the Milion+ brand, where you can buy their clothes and laso CDs . The last musician on the catwalk was Yeezuz2020. He was the one who took photos of girls on his cell!


odivi foto6

Another guy who showed up on the catwalk was Daniel Chomistek – a talented photographer who (besides many other things) takes pictures during the MBPFW and he does fashion photo shoot in general. What else! The last hottie, without whom it would not be complete, was Zbyněk Štandera – founder and owner of the brand My dear clothing!


odivi foto5

We did not pick these guys randomly. The boys have known each other and they support each other. We wanted the people on the catwalk, because each one of them believes in what he does and they do it damn well! They put everything into it just like we do, and it unites and inspires us. We wanted to present our clothes on people we are close to and on someone who knows how and why the collection was formed.

So once again: THANK YOU!!!


Here are links, where you can find great production of these guys:



Nik Tendo

Zbněk Štandera (My Dear Clothing) →

Daniel Chomistek


Text: Veronika Kučerová

Photo: Aneta Benediktová