Also looking for gifts at the last minute? Christmas is approaching fast and of course… we still have plenty of time to organize everything. Every year we say the same and every year we have to catch it up! If someone could give us an advice what to buy! Well… that’s why at least we decided to give you a little advice and try to help you with your christmas shopping. Let´s check it!


Odivi x Nobilis Tilia
We think that this natural cosmetics will please every woman. Our beauty range is not limited by age, so it will always be a good decision! And yeah… we must support our little babies!
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Odivi x Flashtones
If you want a stylish and original gift, the Mystery box is the right choice. This box of non-paired socks with claims is our brand new product created in cooperation with awesome guys from Flashtones!
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Although each of us likes to experiment, we must go back to basics sometimes. And we can do so with backpacks in black or nude color… you can not go wrong with present like that one! It’s a wonderful gift, and especially practical!
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Simple dress
You know the feeling when you stand in front of your closet. The closet is full, but you have no idea what to wear! Then simple dress is the right choice! Dress in which you will always feel good. You can buy it as a gift for yourself for any woman who feels certainly the same in front of her closet.
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Variable dress
Why to have in the closet ten dresses which look quite the same? One may say that i tis just unnecessarily occupies space … but what if I only have one dress, from which I can make ten? It may sound impossible, but we can do it!
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Warm coat
It is no surprise that woman needs a coat in winter. So why not to have one of our comfortable coats? It is one of our wardrobe´s essentials, no matter if you have the nude one or black one!
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Solid skirt
The asymmetric skirt will win you over at first sight! It’s not a typical gift during the cold winter days, but once again – it is a basic! You do not have to worry it gets out of fashion until spring comes. Cause our clothing is not subject to trends!
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Great accessory can be our mirror necklaces. You can buy them as part of our Christmas kit or you can buy them separately . They are ideal to almost every piece of your clothing! And additionally our newest one is ready to tell you the truth, because great things never came from comfort zones!
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Christmas kits
And because it is Christmas and we should be nice to each other we decided to prepare some presents for you! When you buy one of our kits you can take advantage of discounted prices!
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From kids for kids 
Our entire team fell in love with the new„kissing“ print! No wonder! You can find it on our sweatshirts and shirts and both of them are incredibly comfortable!


If you do not like online shopping and you want to feel the fabric, texture of cosmetics or simply try something on we have good news for you!

ODIVI will be part of Design supermarket which is held in Kafka´s House ( Kafkův dům, Náměstí Franze Kafky 3, Praha 1) from December 8 to 11! Come visit us, grab mulled wine with us, have a look a tour products or simply come to chat with us. We are looking forward to seeing all of you!