And we’re back! Yes, we were silent for a while… there was really a lot going on. But now we can take a breath again and concentrate on new projects and collaborations. And one of these collaborations we’re announcing right now! We would like to introduce you a brand named Flashtones that we really enjoy, and that is why we are happy that our cooperation is going so well.

Let’s go ahead… who is behind Flashtones??? We are ready to tell you! It is a whole new brand of clothing and accessories. It focuses on a very important – but often neglected – item of clothing… and we are talking about socks! When you buy socks from Flashtones, you’ll have fun! At least we do! Because we are tired of pair of socks to wear only black or white … that should be the past. Flashtones socks can be purchased either individually or in a beautiful Mystery box that will surprise you every time. Box of socks from Flashtones is full of colors and you always pull out different one! What’s so special about that? Well, it’s still funny! Important thing is that socks and everything related to them are local If you want to be led by a coincidence or bet on your favorite color combinations to express your opinion, attitude or mood (or both)… it’s just up to you!


Okay, we told you who they are and why we love Flashtones… we hope that they will also entertain you! We are pleased that we have an opportunity to cooperate with great people and that we can write about it and share it with you guys. Next time we will tell you more and what exactly we invented with Flashtones guys!

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Text: Veronika Kučerová

Photo: Aneta Benediktová