About lemons, Berlin and superpowers. And as a bonus – a brilliant mixtape to share with you all.

I secretly love Sára – she is without exaggeration one of my muses, progressive musician without restraints, nonchalant fashion guru and a good friend. Her voice soothes me and her smile loads me up with energy. I would love to see her more often. Regrettably, our stuffed and overbooked schedules are depriving us of these opportunities and that is why we’ve arranged a breakfast/photoshoot, so we could meet and talk about what’s been happening.Where did Sára and ODIVI fist meet? Do you remember?I remember it very clearly – it was approx. 2-3 years ago on “suproš” (DesignSuper Market – translator’s note) and you were just standing there in that long black dress and I, without knowing you at all, came up to you and asked you where is that gorgeous dress from 🙂 and I was sold, I bought two back then.

What is it with you and lemons?

I won’t hear a bad word about them. I’m putting almost half in my tea every morning and sometimes I eat them just like that. When my mom was pregnant and carried me she had such cravings for lemons that she ate them frozen during heat waves.

Your actual plans include moving in with your man to Berlin and, allegedly, you have a tip on how to get to Berghain? Or any other tips on where to browse?

After a whole year of planning and postponing it seems that I will move there for a certain period of time. Berghain? In ODIVI only! (haha) But I prefer Tresor more:) And for an afternoon coffee I really like cafes and bars at Oranienstrasse or just go sit on the grass in some park. I’ve had the opportunity to explore just a few places so far, but I’m certain that there are many more hidden gems.

You were in Tokyo at the Red Bull Music Academy – did you strike any interesting collaboration  or one that functions still? Any remarkable friendships?

An interesting community was created and I think it’s working out. In Tokyo I’ve spent most of my time with Basak aka Ah! Kosmos and Ana aka Parachute Pulse, the three of us were shut in the studio all the time, it was very inspiring to spend time with them and other participants, NV makes so great music, Deradoorian…I would have to name all. Everyone was so talented and amazing, I would turn back time to have more chances to spend more time with all. We are still in contact with other participants and hopefully we will see each other soon again somewhere around the world. We also went on a tour together with Basak now in June with Floex which I also perform with.

From Iva to Sára:

What is your most favorite ODIVI garment? Which one was your first and your last? My favorite is the variable black dress with the rubber string down there in the hem. I love to wear them as they are, lowered almost to the ground, they were the first thing I got too. The last one was probably the bag, I can’t keep it off my back 🙂

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done or want to do? I would love to be able to tightrope walk in great heights, but that’s more audacious than crazy.

If you could choose to have a superpower, which one would it be? Not that you aren‘t a superhero in our eyes already 🙂 Flying I guess…

Favourite word? Love..:))

Favourite swear word? If such a frail creature even swears. That is too profane, I can’t tell, it’s even a series of two swear words, sometimes, when I get mad my language slips.


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Photos by Aneta Benediktová