We are so happy we can finally announce that – as a part of our Essentials collection – we will introduce a new line of natural cosmetics! How did it all happen? Just keep reading!


We have been discussing what to put on our bodies and faces for quite some time. It is natural that every woman wants to know what is the perfect balance of fashion and elegance while staying organic, aka the daily battle!


We enjoy herbs and organic cosmetics very much… overall everything what is made in a natural way. Althought we are mostly surrounded by fashion world, we really enjoy being in nature. You might not know, that we are escaping the city as often as possible. Iva is a herbs lover since childhood. So these two worlds are both well known to us. We are trying to keep balance in extreme contrasts, therefore we wanted to connect those two totally different worlds into one. So we thought, why not to connect with someone whose cosmetics we have been using for so long and whose philosophy, attitude to production and energy flow simply matched with ours?


Finally we are proudly introducing to you the company Nobilis Tilia. This company is based in northern Bohemia and produces excellent organic cosmetics made from quality ingredients. Cooperating with them was our dream and we have never thought that this could have been arranged! Moreover we are very pleased that our co-operation works so seamlessly! Amazing people from Nobilis Tilia create wonderful natural cosmetics and we are blessed that we can make our line of cosmetics with them!

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We are bringing you the best fusion of those two worlds – world of fashion and world of nature – as none of them is unfamilliar to us. The line will be released during the Prague Fashion Week in September 2016. But till then we will keep you covered with all kind of information about this great cooperation!

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Special thanks to Nobilis Tilia!

Photos by Aneta Benediktová