Laura comes from Slovakia but two years ago she moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to chase her dream and study sustainable fashion design. During her studies she had a chance to do a 3-month internship in a company of her own choice. This is how she came to Prague and joined Odivi.



Through this venture she took a part in creating a collection of bridal dresses for Sobje, developed the prints and formed a small inspirational editorial that is oriented on binding the bridal pieces together with an urban street styling in a sustainable manner.



Here she could implement her own personal style and the field of her studies – sustainability.




What about connecting the fragile feeling of chiffon with a rough denim look? What about avoiding the waste of finances by wearing a wedding dress only once? What about personalizing the ‘special day’ and implementing it into the every day?







”I was eager to implement a sustainably-conscious approach using some thrift shop catches, washed up boyfriend jeans, maybe a couple of Odivi samples from the previous collections and combine incompatible. Moreover, I liked how the print pieces turned out so much that it would be a shame not to work with them from a different perspective. I like to think that what we wear is all about enjoyment. At the end of the day, our clothes is our chosen skin.”








The development of prints have been inspired by the Slavic ornaments. Traditional design and folk art have been modified with an approach that seeks the integration of the folklore heritage and new ways of comunicating it within the design process.





The whole Sobje collection including these print pieces will be presented at Svatební Cirkus (The Wedding Circus) on the 28th of January 2017 and afterwards available online at





Photo credits: Klára Dudáková

Designer, stylist: Laura Nochtová

Model: Anna Marie Hradecká

MUA: Oli Bartakovičová