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ODIVI was originally established as a fashion brand in 2010 in Prague. However, as time went by, it grew into something much bigger, yet based on the values we believe in from the very beginning. ODIVI is a movement, community & lifestyle that embraces all aspects of our lives, not just fashion.

At ODIVI, we believe that it is important to know the “stories behind” what we consume, we love to inspire other people to be more conscious & to join us on our journey towards a better future.

ODIVI should serve as an inspiration for those who are keen on trying something new and have no fear to do the unusual.

▶ @messyhairlife

Iva Burkertova, the founder and designer of ODIVI, loves to seek for balance in extreme contrast, she constantly collidates her two biggest passions - extreme sports & modern urban life. Through ODIVI activities, she calls for personal freedom & encourages people to go beyond their limits.